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Album Brief

21st Century String Quartet: Rebirth


My name is Nic James, I have been a musician for over 25 years.  My primary instrument is the guitar but I also play bass and drums.  Music is my passion, my joy and the thing that keeps me sane during the hard times!

I am trying to raise money to produce my concept album.   

I have been writing a number of original pieces that will compile an album of instrumental pieces based on a string quartet format, but with modern instruments such as electric, acoustic and bass guitar.  Some tracks will have percussion in addition to the quartet of stringed instruments.  The album will flow and tell a story for those dealing with grief in the real world, and the journey through to the other end. The journey will be completed in 8 movements.


The 8 movements will be:

1: Loss
2: Shock & Denial
3: Pain & Guilt

5: Bargaining
6: Depression, Reflection & Loneliness
7: Acceptance & Hope

The album will be an ultimately uplfifting journey and I hope that, one day, it can play some very small part in helping people through their own journeys.


I'm hopeful the message within the music will be clear; loss is a painful experience but you find a way through,  Ultimately you will come out of it a stronger person. Changed, but stronger!

 In terms of musicianship, the instruments will follow the format of a traditional string quartet but instead of violin 1, violin 2, viola and cello the music will be played on various combinations of acoustic guitars, electric guitars, baritones and/or bass guitars.

The money raised will be used to record, mix and master the album.  I also plan to use some of the money to get a professional music video produced and the remainder will be used - crucially - for publicity and advertising.    

I will compose, arrange and play all instruments on the album.

There is no great rush for the funds as I can use various amounts of money at various stages.   

Once finally mastered the album will initially be offered on a bespoke website; either as a digital download or a physical copy will be available to buy on CD.  If unit sales reach a certain threshold then I will roll it out onto digital sales platforms such as iTunes, Spotify etc.


I have battled with depression for many years since the death of my Son, Dylan.   It took me a number of years to deal with the grief of this loss but once I started to come to terms with what happened I swore to myself that I would do something incredible in his honour.  Recording this music and getting it out there will be this incredible thing!

I will be forever and eternally grateful to anyone who can assist me in this dream!

Any donation, no matter how small, will really make a difference to me and this potentially life changing album.

Of course, I'm trying to raise money for this project by other channels, as well as contribute money myself towards it. As I am able I will reduce the total needed via here accordingly!


Thank you for reading,   


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