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Flattley Guitar Pedals Revstar Reverb World First Review

Nic James reviews the brand new Revstar Reverb from Flattley Guitar Pedals.

Flattley Guitar Pedals is a small family run business situated in the South West of England. 

Check out the Flattley Guitar Pedals website here:

Unsung Hero Epiphone Korina Explorer Review + BKP Nantuckets

Korina Transformation!

I've been after a solid Korina (aka White Limba) guitar for ages.  When I saw that my favourite tech in the UK had a black Epiphone '58 Korina Explorer on the bench I had to jump on it!  Currently it's not in the finest physical condition but I trust Clive Burnage to restore it back to it's "as new" glory, and also add some tasteful upgrades.

Clive's work is always top notch and this plays, feels and sound like a guitar much more expensive than it actually is!

Why Chinese guitar amp manufacture is a GOOD thing!

So far this week I've seen the announcement of the PRS MT-15 and the Orange Brent Hinds Terror.  Both amps have been plagued with comments along the lines of "ugh, it's made in China".  Well, so what?  Let me explain exactly why that is a ridiculous thing to say Mr Xenophobe. 

Ibanez Iron Label RGAIX6U-ABS with BKP Aftermath Pickups

Welcome to my full and objective review of the snappily named Ibanez Iron Label RGAIX6U-ABS factory fitted with premium Bare Knuckle Aftermath Pickups.

Street price at the time of publishing is as low as £899.

How to prepare and package an electric guitar for shipping.

Shipping an electric guitar is always a worrying time. This handy guide will help you ensure you've done all you can to help it arrive with its new owner safely!

PRS S2 Singlecut Standard Satin In Depth Review & Demo

This is my in depth and objective review of the most affordable route into PRS USA ownership with the S2 Standard Satin series. 

£799 vs £3999 Paul Reed Smith

The player is Bernie Marsden, formerly of Whitesnake, and he is using the same amp, settings, PA and backing tracks.  The only difference is the guitar.  This gives us an exciting chance to compare two PRS Singlecut models in a live band mix from either end of the PRS price scale.  

The first guitar is a 2017 PRS SE Bernie Marsden Signature costing  £799. 

The second guitar is a Paul Reed Smith Mcarty Singlecut 594.

Suhr JST Aldrich Pickups Quick Demo

A few soundbytes highlighting the myriad tones available from the excellent pickup set.  No matter if it's clean, crunch or filth; these pickups have tone and character for days!
Signal path:
-Suhr Custom Shop Standard HH 510
-Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 Gen 2
-Bias Amp & FX Pro
-Ableton Live 9 

Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Maple Limited SE Custom 24

Here is my world first in depth review of the PRS Maple Limited SE Custom 24.  I didn't quite get the first video out as a a major retailer (Sound Affects Premier - great store) in the UK got a demo video out before this, but this is definitely the first full and objective review!

I hope you enjoy!

Hypothesis - Original Music Video

Everyone who donates £1 via my website or Patreon in October, November or December will get this track via digital download - links below!

This is a track I've been working on to get over the dreaded "red light fever" in the studio! It does not feature on my forthcoming album as it doesn't fit the story but I am rather proud of it.

Gear used:

-PRS Maple Limited SE Custom 24

-Suhr Custom Shop Standard HH 510 -Ibanez RGA with Bare Knuckle Aftermath pickups

-OLP Stingray

-Bias Essential 

Pick Materials: Do They Affect Tone?

In this video we discover if pick material actually affects tone.  3 different tonal scenarios are explored; clean, crunch and heavy gain.

Gear used is a Suhr Custom Shop Standard HH 510 into Positive Grid Bias Essentials.

PRS Reclaimed Limited CE-24 Semi-Hollow Full Review

A full and comprehensive review of the PRS Reclaimed Limited CE-24 Semi-Hollow.

More details can be found here.

Guitar Tutorial: In the Night Garden Theme Tune

Here is a quick tutorial for the theme tune to "In the Night Garden" on Cbeebies.

It's a great melody for calming down a grumpy toddler!

The melody is in C Major and begins at the 10th fret of the low E string.

Guitar used is a Faith Nomad Mini-Neptune. 

Wood Discussion Feature: Rosewood Colour Variation

 A member in the PRSGOW forum asked why the fingerboard on his PRS P24 was very dark rosewood, but the 'board on his PRS 408 was much paler.  This video aims to answer that questions, with a few bonus geeky facts about one of my favourite tonewoods!

If you would like me to try and answer your questions about tonewoods please use the contact form on the home page!

"Stuff in A Minor"

A simple but melodic original piece of music I have been working on for solo acoustic guitar, perfromed on a Lowden F32 Custom. 

Friedman BE-OD Demo

A few of the great tones available from the excellent Friedman Brown Eye overdrive pedal.  All parts recorded my PRS SC594.

1989 PRS Custom 24 Review

A comprehensive review of a vintage PRS guitar!

PRS Modern Eagle Review

A comprehensive review of a 2004 Paul Reed Smith Modern Eagle guitar, including lots of sound samples.

PRS Reclaimed Limited CE-24

Here's a quick & dirty mobile phone video I made for the channel running through a few of the tones available on the Reclaimed Limited CE-24 Semi-Hollow.  Amp used is the EVH LBX-II through a Blackstar 1x12" open back cab.  No additional FX or pedals were used.  This guitar really does sound like nothing else in the PRS range; it has it's own voice!  It's very bright, but never shrill and it's very spanky but not in a Fender way.  I love it already!